Videos of the Oettinger Tailpiece

If you want to read the comments on YouTube, start the player running and then click on the YouTube Logo in the bottom right corner of the player.

transparent imageHere we have Adam Siegler with one of my brass 5 string Oettinger tailpieces. I saw him playing his banjo on Facebook and was very impressed with his playing ability. I complemented his playing on that video and made a point of checking his videos out on YouTube (Addy&TheBanjoDays). He comes across as really having a blast when he's playing and it's very infectious. He later contacted me and offered to do a video review if I would give him a good deal on two Oettingers! So I did and this is his review.

transparent imageHere we have Clifton Hicks with one of my Oettinger tailpieces. I sent it to him for several reasons. I like his playing a lot. He makes great videos about all aspects of banjos, playing, history, banjo building and more (Clifton Hicks). Above all he tells it as it is and people appreciate honesty, especially in reviews.

By his own admission this was 'just taking the Oettinger for a spin' and he will do more on the tailpiece later on.

* Oettinger Videos Wanted *

Anyone who makes a video about an Oettinger tailpiece and allows me to show it here will be handsomely rewarded. Please contact me via the Contact button below.